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US KIDS ULTRALITE 51" 5-Club Stand Bag Set WT-20u, Grey/Orange Bag

$ 189.99


The Ultralight set is designed for the beginner to intermediate player. The flexible shafts with the right club head weight and design help the developing player get the ball up in the air with ease. Add more clubs to the set as the player progresses.


  • Optimal Height Range 51 in. to 54 in.
  • WT-20u model (20% lighter club heads)
  • Stand Bag
  • Ball pocket available for personalization (Call customer service for information)

Clubs in this set:

  • 23 degree Fairway Driver* (headcover included)
  • 6-Iron
  • 8-Iron
  • Pitching Wedge
  • Putter

*18 degree DV2 Driver is not included with this set

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