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Take off with the sharp contours. Feel the softness of the strike.
Everything is on a higher level with this high initial velocity iron.

The new RED titanium-faced iron has enhanced resilience with a thin-walled titanium face. The use of vibration-absorbing material FLASH ONE*1 not only allows for more powerful play off the titanium face but also creates a soft hitting sensation. The head with sharp contours and a low center of gravity makes lifting the ball even easier. This new RED titanium-faced iron will give you the look and distance. Golf has never been so much fun!

The SOFT STEEL M-37 has the lightest steel shaft in PRGR history besides the new Speed Impact Shaft (carbon). It provides great direction and distance and an easy and steady swing. The shaft is more rigid around the grip and bends more smoothly from the center to the head than any other steel shaft.

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