This design is custom-engineered to stretch your distance off the tee and on shots into the green with its larger head, slightly forward CG, 13° loft, and reduced spin. The lead edge is lower to the ground, making it easy to get the ball in the air as impact occurs higher on the face. Also key to performance: an innovative cascading internal sole that pools stress at impact so the entire face is engaged in flexing to deliver maximum energy for faster ball speeds and big distance.

Discretionary weight from thinning the crown was used to lower the CG, increase forgiveness, and make it easy to get the ball airborne, even when struck low on the face. Carpenter 455 steel has a high strength-to-weight ratio, allowing for a thinner, variable-thickness machined face that increases flexing for fast ball speeds, high launch and greater distance. A unique process adds friction to the face to reduce spin.

To fine tune your launch conditions prior to a round, adjust the loft ±1° using Trajectory Tuning 2.0, which utilizes a lightweight, aerodynamic and highly durable hosel sleeve. Turbulators on the crown give the ball a captured appearance and aid in alignment.

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