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Honma Tour World TW727Vn Iron - This year it's all about a new process called W-FORGED, and interestingly Honma has chosen to use different technology and materials based on the needs of the player and the iron they should choose for example the TW727Vn and TW727V are the only ones W-Forged while the 727M is standard S25C Forged.

Designed for the player who wants an extremely compact cavity back with the same lofts as a blade. This model didn't exist last year, It fits in between the blade and the players CB and we are splitting hairs here because the players CB is already small and now this is just a touch more meaty than the blade is not to mention the W-FORGED technology starts here.  

How this model came about is that the top players wanted a cavity similar to the below V model but with the same lofts as the blade and while that isn't enough to justify the creation of a whole new model and design Honma incorporated the W-Forged tech which is a new Forging Process so what this entails is a two press process starting with a very hot pressing of the S25C then a cold forged press with new compression technology for improved granular grain flow what this does is make the final 0.2mm more dense and that is the face area.  Honma and their tour players are claiming the W-Forged irons to be the ultimate in feel and feedback.  

New Vizard graphite options to choose from in the 90-110 gram range as well as many steep upgrade shafts. TourSpecGolf is also able to offer custom lie/loft/length/swing weight/grip size and custom color Vizard shafts  and even a custom Black Nickel finish to the Iron heads.  


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