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Get the most out of your equipment with a Rescue/iron combo set. By replacing your long irons with forgiving and versatile hybrid clubs and taking advantage of RIBCOR technology in your mid and short irons, you can reach your target and start sticking pins with greater consistency.


Iron Technology:


Introducing RIBCOR Technology


  • RIBCOR localizes face flexibility in the hitting area, transferring more energy to the ball to increase distance and accuracy
  • RIBCOR stiffens the perimeter of the head creating a more rigid structure, enhancing sound and feel
  • RIBCOR mitigates toe flexibility for tighter dispersion


Speed Pocket


  • Speed Pocket technology improves low-face flexibility to deliver more ballspeed in the key area where golfers commonly mis-hit.


Face Slots


  • Face Slots enhance face flexibility in the heel and toe areas to preserve ballspeed on mis-hits for greater consistency.


Low-CG Design


  • The Fluted Hosel and 360° Undercut technologies produce discretionary weight that has been relocated low in the clubhead to improve launch, spin, and forgiveness.


Aftermarket Shafts


  • TM Tuned IR 45-L shafts are designed to deliver high launch and maximum ball speed


Hybrid Technology


Shaped For Confidence And Forgiveness


  • Two internally split mass pads that increase inertia to deliver more ball speed across the face
  • Two-tone crown cosmetic in a low profile shape provides a confidence-inspiring look
  • Ultra-strong Ni-Co 300 steel face insert allows for a thinner, faster face for optimized ball speed


Improved Speed Pocket


  • Our revolutionary Speed Pocket has been lengthened to increase flexibility and distance across the face
  • Low-face strikes will be rewarded with the improved Speed Pocket by preserving ball speeds for consistent distance




  • Geocousit technology enhances the playability and feel of the M4 Rescue, delivering exceptional shotmaking ability from any lie.


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