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The secrets to the [high initial velocity] and the [large initial velocity area] are hidden within the head of the RS driver. It has a W crown *1 and a new axial structure *2 which allows for a wider face area. The Enbla face *3 has perfect thickness and thinness where needed. When combined, these innovations provide greater resilience and a larger initial velocity area, raising the average distance with each drive. The RS driver takes you to a new frontier with its maximum resilience and initial velocity area.

After changes to the thin-walled design of the crown, the head now has a low, deep center of gravity-optimal for hitting the perfect draw.
The shaft, designed specifically for smooth acceleration, provides the perfect spin and a longer carry at a higher initial velocity and launch.

*1 Crown Structure...Patent pending
*2 New axial structure (loft adjustable)...Registered Patent No. 5748017
*3 Nabla face structure ... Registered Patent No. 5152431
*4 Easily removable weight (center of gravity adjustable)...Registered Patent No. 5751375

Bacosy Trajectory Control System

Ballistic control system

The RS driver is equipped with a "Bacosy," a ballistic control system. This controls the trajectory by adjusting the center of gravity depth and loft (-1.0°) on the head.

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