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Why the New Titleist TS3 Golf Clubs are Making Headlines

When new Titleist golf clubs come out, top golfers don’t expect them to be anything short of extraordinary.

The latest Titleist golf club is the TS3, a sleek new driver with deluxe capabilities for golfers. The new Titleist TS2 and TS3 drivers and fairways are not yet available for purchase, but they’re hitting the golf clubs market fast with over 30 Titleist PGA Tour players using them as we speak.

Let’s see why the experts are anxiously awaiting the Titleist TS3.

Golf Digest observed the Titleist TS2 and TS3 drivers’ debut at the 2018 U.S. Open Championship, suggesting that the TS2 is larger, but the TS3’s SureFit weight offers more customization.

When Golfweek covered the Titleist TS2 and TS3 drivers at the 2018 U.S. Open Championship, their reaction was similar. They noted the designs of the drivers, commenting that the Titleist TS2 is slightly larger than the TS3 with a weight in the back of the head that should lower the center of gravity.

The Titleist TS3 driver has a cylinder-shaped weight cartridge that is slimmer and more compact than the TS2 with a wider head. Golfweek mentioned, “This could allow golfers and custom fitters to give the TS3 a neutral, draw or fade bias.”

PGA TOUR also rose to the occasion to discuss how compact and capable the Titleist TS3 is. They noted that while the TS2 does not include a SureFit cartridge, the TS3 has one. This may allow golfers to decide between forgiveness and “dial-in launch and spin characteristics.” This characteristic would appeal better to more skilled golfers and handicappers.

GolfWRX also offers their own unique look at the Titleist TS3, commenting on the TS3’s jet black color and “futuristic” design.  

The Titleist TS3’s stunning look is enough to make a statement on the golf course. Unlike other colors, jet black does not wear away as easily on golf clubs, so your driver remains in great condition for longer. This impressive durability makes jet black a great alternative to other popular colors such as chrome.

In terms of the Titleist TS3’s functionality, GolfWRX called the TS2 more “forgiving “with a lower trajectory, while the TS3s are more adjustable for golfers. In both designs, the Active Recoil Channel, or sole groove, has been removed, which presents many more additional opportunities for golfers.

The Titleist TS3 is designed for a higher speed, improved launch, and decreased spin. It is currently undergoing validation and testing by some of the top golfers at the 2018 U.S. Open Championship, but it will be available before you know it.

Are you ready for the new Titleist TS3?

Find it soon at, your South Florida Golf Superstore. In the meantime, stay up to speed at the TS Project.  

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