What Do Specialized Magazines Have To Say About The New M3 Driver

What Do Specialized Magazines Have To Say About The New M3 Driver

Whenever a company like TaylorMade releases a new golf driver, you expect something different from previous versions.

Let’s see what the expert has to say about the new M3 Driver.

The Golf A Lot publications see new things on the Face Twist of the M3, giving a final score of 5 stars. According to Golf A Lot, even if you are a player that owns an M1 and can hit with it with reasonable accuracy, there are still reasons to try the new M3. Maybe your worst hits will improve.

On the other hand, if you hit with fade or draw, then you should definitely try the new TaylorMade M3.

Another publication that gives positive reviews to the TaylorMade M3 is Golftec. They say that the new and revolutionary Twist Face is only one of the technological advantages of the M3.

The new face angle is designed to improve your shots by reducing spin and helping hit straighter shots. The new M3 provides a larger sweet spot for your hits due to reinforcement on the outer slot. This results in a more flexible and lighter face during shots. Golftec said, “TaylorMade made an incredibly bold move that may have changed the face of the game forever.”

The British magazine, Today’s Golfer, really seems to like the new TaylorMade M3.

They consider the M3 a driver packed full of new technology that made them call the golf club a “game-improvement driver.”

Today’s Golfer summarized what TaylorMade achieved by analyzing tons of data containing the most common miss hits on low-heel or high-toe shots. This hasn’t been addressed by any of the previous drivers on the market. The answer to this issue is the new twist face of the M3. Another key innovation is the adjustable Y-track that allows for three times more mass movements that with the M1.

Finally, GOLF comments that the M3 is targeted to mid- and low-handicap players who like technology on their clubs and adjustability for their shots. In summary, GOLF thinks that TaylorMade finally outdid themselves with the M3. They not only re-engineered the club face but also improved forgiveness for low-heel and high-toe hits with the twist face technology. For them, the M3 is a game changer.

It looks like everybody finds the M3 a great technological advance that provides improvements to the most common miss hits in the game.

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