What Do Golf Stores Think About Ping’s New G700 Golf Clubs?

What Do Golf Stores Think About Ping’s New G700 Golf Clubs?

Ping has people in the golf world talking. Let’s see what the expert at golf stores and online publications think about Ping’s latest golf clubs – the G700.


The Golf A Lot publication has – surprise – a lot to say about the new G700 and gave it a final score of four stars. According to the experts, these irons are game improvement clubs that doesn’t look like game improvement clubs. They’re light and avoid having big cavity backs with badges, different colored metals or tungsten weights. These irons are an improvement over the G400 clubs, but priced at around 65% more than the previous model, Golf A Lot suggests that, unless you have disposable income and really need help with forgiveness distance gains, you may want to skip the golf stores and stick with the G400.


Golf Digest is another publication that’s explored Ping’s latest set of golf clubs.

This publication has given the G700 set high marks – four stars for performance, four and a half stars for innovation, three stars for the look and feel, and three and a half stars for demand. According to Golf Digest, Ping is known for making easy to hit irons, and this set continues that trend. It also forced Ping outside of their comfort zone with the hollow-construction design. Weights are placed in the toe and shaft of the clubs, which gives these irons a balanced center of gravity.

And according to their player comments, both low-handicappers and mid-handicappers could benefit from picking up these irons at their local golf store.


Golf.com also reviewed these new irons to give their readers their take. In their opinion, the new hollow body design of these golf clubs fills a gap that was missing in Ping’s club lineup.

They recommend these irons for players with mid- and high-handicaps because it offers more forgiveness and can improve distance drives. The hollow body design and thin face add to the ball speed and launch – two important factors when it comes to distance. Overall, Golf.com says that these clubs feel surprisingly good in your hands and helps keep shots on the green.


Now that the experts have had their say, it’s clear that Ping’s G700 irons are a good investment if you want to improve your handicap. The hollow design and lightweight make the irons comfortable and functional on the green. Want to try them for yourself? Then it’s time to visit your South Florida Golf Superstore – MiamiGolf.com.

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