The Weather and Golf – What To Wear To Be Prepared

The Weather and Golf – What To Wear To Be Prepared

When you’re a Miami golfer, there are many types of weather that can impact your game. Most of the time it’s hot, but we have our cool days too. It can also get windy or rainy without any warning and, unless you’re heading for the clubhouse, it’s important to dress appropriately. After all, as author Charles Hix said, “Looking good isn’t self-importance; it’s self-respect.”

Out In The Cold

Luckily, when you’re a Miami golf player you usually don’t need to worry about playing in the cold, but we do have days when the temperature drops.

If you are planning to grab your clubs on a chilly day, the best advice is to layer up. Wear two pairs of socks and make sure to keep your hands warm so you stay in control of your club. It’s also advisable to wear thermals under your golf shirt. And don’t forget your hat – it’s hard to concentrate on your game if you think you’re going to freeze your ears off.

The Rain, Rain, Rain Came Down, Down, Down

Most Miami golf players know that when there’s lightening and thunder it’s probably better to stay inside than risk getting electrocuted.

Some players may tell you that playing in the rain is a bad idea and that can be true. But in a light storm, there’s no reason to go inside. In fact, it’s been argued that golfing in the rain can make you a better player. If you do decide to go out when it’s wet, make sure to wear a poncho or light, waterproof jacket and pants, and shoes that have good grips. You should also pack your umbrella and a hat. And don’t forget about your clubs – use a rain hood to protect them and keep your golf bag dry.

It’s Getting Hot In Here

As a Miami golf enthusiast, playing in the heat is second nature.

We wear sweaters when it dips in the sixties, but what’s a golfer to do when it’s summer and the heat and humidity are almost overwhelming. The first things to remember are to stay hydrated and apply sunscreen. Dehydrated and sunburned isn’t a good look. Then, pick an outfit that will keep you comfortable as the mercury rises. There are many loose, light-colored clothes made of moisture wicking materials to choose from that can keep you cool throughout your game. It’s also a good idea to wear a hat and bring a towel. It can get sweaty out there.

When you’ve been playing golf for a while, especially as a Miami golf pro, you know that the weather plays as important a role as your clubs and balls. It’s important to dress for success on the green - with layers in the cold, ponchos when it’s wet, and light clothes when it’s hot. Not only will you stay comfortable as you play, but by dressing for the occasion you can actually improve your game.

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