The Return of a Golf King

The Return of a Golf King

OK, so Mr. Woods returns to the Masters this year for the first time since 2015, and some analysts believe that he is playing his best golf in years. But what does that really mean for the Golf World?

First, TV channels must be super happy. Lat March brought abnormal TV ratings compared to recent PGA tournament numbers. That was exactly when Mr Woods managed a second-place tie at the Valspar Championship in Innisbrook Resort in Palm Harbor, FL. When a 44-foot putt for birdie make the crowd crazy, at that moment TV numbers were the highest since 2013 for a non major tournament.

All this excitement even make the PGA tour live stream app to crash for a while. Evoking memories when not avid golf fans were interested in results of any PGA tour. Remember the red shirt sunday anyone? Actually, that excitement made Tiger Woods a global figure that went beyond golf to the stardom of other international sport celebrities from more common sports like Football, Basketball or Soccer.

Let’s talk about the Master for a while, actually this year’s Master should be renamed “The Master when Tiger Woods came back to the World of Golf”. It wasn’t a possibility that Mr. Woods would come back to win the Master after being absent for more than a year… or was it? This kind of paranoia that magically surround Tiger Woods is what make this year Master even more memorable. Every regular golfer, TV analyst, even the players may secretly wanted Mr. Woods to win. Some genuine Tiger’s fan others just because they knew what it would meant for the world of golf for him to win the Master again.

What about the sponsors? Is been a while since household names like Gatorade, AT&T, General Motors and Gillette, among others dumped Tiger for his personal problems. There are other that stood with him no matter what. Companies like Nike Golf stood with him despite low seasons and multiple injuries with their golf clubs line. Actually, Nike decided to stop their golf club unit but kept their Tiger’s inspired clothing line.

There is no doubt that if Mr. Woods stays healthy and start to win tournaments some sponsors will come, in a matter of fact some have already try to sign him. At the end of 2016, long before the Masters, Bridgestone Golf reached out in what finished on a multiyear contract for Tiger to play with Bridgestone balls.

Is Mr. Woods going to win a major again, nobody really knows, but guess what it doesn’t matter. The world of golf if different with him on board.
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