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Should Par Lengths Keep Up With Technology?

Golf began as a simple game where players took leather balls stuffed with feathers and a wooden shafted club and tried to hit their ball into the hole with the least number of strokes.

Nowadays, with the advent of golf superstores and online golf stores, players can pick from golf balls that have been engineered with multiple layers, clubs made from titanium or steel, and any golf gadget you can imagine.

With all of these developments, some players think that par lengths on golf courses should be increased to help make the game more challenging again.

Golf course holes are measured so that a par length – the estimated amount of shots it will take you to play the hole – can be determined. For example, if a hole is 250 yards long, it’s a Par 3 for men and a Par 4 for women. These guidelines were established in 1911, and have been updated as golf courses grew and the sport became more popular.

Golf is a sport that’s continued to evolve throughout the centuries to make sure it’s difficult enough to be challenging but still enjoyable.

If we look at golf superstores, we can find dozens of products that are designed to help players hit their balls longer, including shoes, green readers, low-spinning drivers, and even monitoring technology that can analyze your shot and tell you what you can change to drive your shots even farther.

With all of these innovations, it’s easier to hit a long shot, and that means it’s time to redraw the boundaries of par lengths.

One of golf’s biggest draws is that improving your score is a personal challenge, but if a player is using advanced equipment, their game may be better even though their skill level hasn’t increased. By restructuring par lengths to keep up with technology, players will again be able to test their skills against a course and develop their long game.

After all, it doesn’t matter how many gadgets you find at the golf superstores, if the par length is increased, it’s still just you versus the green.

Increasing par lengths would just be doing what golf has always done – adapting to the times. If not, a Par 3 would be up to 255 yards, and a Par 6 would be 601 yards or more instead of 691 yards or more just like in 1911.

Golf has been around for more than 100 years, and it’s a sport that has continued to grow and change.

Revising par lengths to keep up with technology is the logical next step to help put the challenge back into the game for players using modern equipment found in golf superstores.

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