Self Talk On The Green

Self Talk On The Green

Golf is a mental game. Sure, a proper stance, a good follow through and a solid set of clubs are vital, but when you’re playing on the green of a Miami golf course, it’s just you and the ball.

Unlike other sports, there’s no competitor trying to tackle you or intercept your pass. Instead, your mind is where your competition lies, and it’s all too easy to get caught up in your own thoughts and forget the basics. If you really want to improve your score, you need to change this negative self-talk and replace it with a positive point of view.

Changing your frame of mind is easier said than done. When you miss a short putt, “what’s wrong with me today?” can suddenly spring to your mind without any conscious thought behind it. After all, it’s much more common to internalize negative thoughts than it is for positive ones. 

For example, if you sink a hole in one on a difficult Miami golf course like the Blue Monster, you’ll probably cheer, but if you hit it into the sand, the most you’ll do is mutter.

To change this habit, it’s important to do what the pros do and adopt a positive attitude towards your game. Instead of getting mad after a bad shot, try telling yourself, “I’m a good enough player to make this work,” or after a rough game remind yourself that everyone can have an off day, but that doesn’t mean you’re a terrible golfer. The more you can build yourself up, the better you will play.

Some professional players adopt a golf mantra. The trick is to find a phrase that works for you and puts you in the right mindset to play your best. For some players it’s, “it’s all about this shot and this moment.” Others use longer phrases like, “"Why do we fall down? So we can pick ourselves back up." No matter what saying you adopt, it’s important to choose something that puts your head in the game without adding to the pressure you’re already feeling. It’s also a good idea to avoid negative words like don’t, can’t, and won’t, for example, a phrase like “I won’t mess this up.” This kind of self-talk can make your issues seem worse than they are and influence your swing for the worse. 

It’s all too easy to get frustrated, especially if you’re on a Miami golf course in the heat of the summer. 

By changing your point of view you can alter your entire game. So the next time you’re on the course, leave the negative thoughts behind and try replacing them with positive self-talk. You might be surprised by how a healthy attitude towards your game can help you enjoy it more and improve your score.  

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