How To Find A Golf Instructor

How To Find A Golf Instructor

Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned player looking for some tips or trying to overcome a handicap, hiring a golf instructor can be great for your game. But how do you find a reliable teacher to get you on the right track? That really depends on your goals and personality. Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect instructor for you.


Personality Matters

When you’re looking for a golf instructor, you need to take their personality into account. There are some people who you meet and instantly develop a rapport, but there are others who rub you the wrong way. When you’re starting a teacher/student relationship, it’s important that there’s a mutual respect and that this person is someone you can take advice and orders from without feeling attacked. You may need to meet with more than one instructor to find someone who you connect with, but once you do, you can effectively communicate with each other and really improve your game.  


The Right Experience

Another thing to consider when finding a golf instructor is the experience and qualifications they have. After all, there aren’t any requirements needed to teach golf, so you have to make sure the person you’re learning from knows what they’re talking about. A good golf coach is always learning new things and seeking new accreditations, like getting a PGTTA certificate from the PGA. You may also want to find someone local who has experience dealing with your climate.

For example, when you’re a Miami golf enthusiast, you may want to find someone who is used to playing in hotter temperatures, not someone from up North who thinks 75 degrees is warm.  


Ask Around

Referrals are probably the easiest way to find a coach in your area. If you don’t know anyone who uses an instructor, you can visit Miami golf courses and ask at the clubhouse. Most courses either have a pro they employ or can recommend someone who frequents their club.


Keep Searching

Finding a reliable golf instructor isn’t always easy, but don’t feel bad if you go through three or four coaches before you find someone you can work with. The worst thing you can do is settle for an instructor you don’t feel comfortable with or someone who isn’t invested in helping you learn and grow.


When it comes to finding a golf instructor, there are many things to consider. How well do you get along? Is this someone you can trust to help you improve? Are you comfortable with their teaching style?

Do they have enough Miami golf experience to know the best times to play in our climate?

Once you find someone who fits your criteria, go out and play. Not only will your game get better, you’ll also develop the confidence you need to stare down any opponent on the green.

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