Five Putting Tips

Five Putting Tips

There are many golfers who could spend days on the driving range, practicing their swing and pushing for longer and longer drives. That’s great for your long game, but playing a successful round of golf depends on your ability to navigate down the fairway as well as on the green. That’s why putting is so important.


Let’s face it, we’d all love to make a hole in one every time we swing, but the chances of that happening are low. Instead, concentrate on improving your short game and learn how to make each stroke count. Here are five pro tips to help you improve your game and hole more putts.


Practice, Practice, Practice

As with everything in life, from playing the piano to driving a car, practice is key, so it should come as no surprise that it also applies to putting. But the great thing is you can practice your putt even on days when you can’t squeeze in a full 18 holes. Buy a putting green of your own from a local golf shop or online and set it up in your home or office to practice each and every day.  


Read the Green

To improve your game, reading the green is crucial. Some players think this is a pro move, but over time you can develop your eye and see the breaks easier. To start, consider where water would flow if it was raining. This makes it simpler to predict how your ball will roll along the green so you can sink more putts. There are also devices you can buy at your golf shop to help you read the green, but instead of lugging extra equipment on the course, take the time to learn to read the green on your own.


Adjust Your Grip

Putting requires a steady hand and finesse. Using the same grip you use for power shots just won’t work. Instead, use your fingers and angle your wrists slightly downward. This will give you a gentler swing so you can become more consistent in your short game.


Line It Up

You’re on the green, staring at the hole. You’ve adjusted for the roll of the green and are ready to putt. But where are you aiming? It’s important to line up your shot. Start by visualizing where you want the ball to go and make an invisible line in your mind. Once you’ve committed to that line, take your shot. As time goes by, you’ll get better at drawing your line and your putts will feel more natural.  


Block Them Out

Proper putting technique requires intense concentration, and while the noise of a crowd can give you a rush, it can also be extremely distracting. Block out those distractions by staying focused on your stance and your breathing. You may also want to adopt a personal mantra for occasions when the pressure gets to be too much. Repeat this saying in your head, line up your shot, and don’t forget to breathe.


When it comes to putting, there are many small changes you can make that will make a big difference in your game. From reading the green and lining up your shot to adjusting your grip and putting in the practice, these techniques can help you get more confident in your short game and play like you mean it. And leave the extra gadgets at the golf shop – the best way to improve your game is to get on the course and play.  

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