Five Power Golf Tips From Your Golf Superstore

Five Power Golf Tips From Your Golf Superstore

When it comes to your golf swing, most golfers wish they were more powerful.

They see professionals hitting their balls hundreds of yards and think, “why can’t I do that?” The good news is, you can. All it takes is some practice, and maybe a few tips from your Miami Golf Superstore.

Increasing your power isn’t as difficult as you may think.You probably aren’t even doing anything wrong, but there are a few things you can try to improve your game.


First, turn your lower body when you swing.

This can seem contrary to advice you’ve previously received saying to turn your upper body, but by moving your hips and pelvis with your upper body, you’ll have more room to swing your club down from the inside so you can really drive your ball home.


Second, use the ground to increase your leverage.

It sounds complicated, but this is actually very easy to do. When you swing, push into the turf with your front leg, usually the left. This squatting technique feels like you’re dipping then rising as you hit the ball, and by using this leverage, you can give yourself an extra boost of power.


Third, keep your elbows together at the top of your swing.

This is one of the most important tips you’ll hear from any pro at a Golf Superstore or from online golf stores. It’s common to see golfers come over the top when they swing, but this steals their power. Instead, keep your elbows close together at the top of your swing so that you can swing down from the inside with more width. If you use this tip, you’ll find your shots more consistent and powerful. 


Fourth, delay your release.

By releasing at a different time than you normally do, you may be able to increase your trajectory. If you can hold off on releasing until the last possible second, you’ll be able to hit more powerfully. Or if you want more height, try releasing at the top of your backswing.  

Fifth, keep your knuckles down.

Every golfer knows the importance of a good grip, and not squaring up on the clubface can cause you to slice. By using a different technique, keeping the back of your left hand flat and your knuckles pointing down, you’ll properly square your clubface without risking it opening back up again. And if you feel yourself slipping, you may want to visit your local golfing store to find a pair of grips that fit naturally into your hands.    

While consistency and a good short game are important in golf, most golfers want to be able to hit their ball powerfully.

At Miami Golf, your Golf Superstore, we want you to enjoy the game and use as much power as you can muster.

By using our five tips, you may be surprised by how much your game improves and how far you can drive your golf ball.

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