Buying New Golf Grips?

Buying New Golf Grips?

When you’re playing a round of golf, having a good grip on your clubs is important. But when you’re buying new grips there are several things to consider – how well does it fit your hand, do you like the texture and material, do you feel natural holding a club with this grip? 

At Miami Golf, the best online golf store for golf supplies and accessories, you’ll find a variety of grips so you can explore your options and find a grip that fits. 

 One of the first things to consider when you’re buying new grips is the size. If you have larger hands, you’ll need a bigger grip. Likewise, if you have smaller hands, you’ll need a smaller grip. There are four standard grip sizes  - Undersize, Standard, Midsize, and Oversize. Along with these, there are specialty grips designed for women and children as well as trainers that can help someone who’s new to golf learn to hold their club correctly.

Most stores carry a variety of grips, and if you visit the best online golf store, you can explore the various sizing options. 

The next thing to consider is the material used to make the grip. The most common material for golf grips is rubber or synthetic rubber. It’s a durable material and can be made in almost any color, making personalization a breeze. Some rubber grips claim to have extra benefits, like vibration dampening and a longer period of tackiness.

If rubber grips don’t work for you, there are also cord weaves and thermo-plastic grips. Cord weaves provide extra traction to prevent slipping and have gained popularity with players in hot, humid, or wet environments. Thermo-plastic grips tend to be softer and tackier, giving them a unique feel.

Along with the material, the texture of your grip is incredibly important. Some players prefer a smooth grip while others like a coarse or patterned set. Some of the difference in preference comes down to style – if a player doesn’t wear a golf glove, they may want a textured grip for more traction.

Lastly, and most importantly, is how your clubs feel with a new set of grips. Golf is a mental game, and if you aren’t comfortable with your clubs, it can throw everything out of balance. So before you go to the green, practice with your new grips. They may feel perfect, but if they don’t, it’s better to find out at home where you can make adjustments than when you’re getting ready to tee off.

Golf Grips can make or break your game. Miami Golf offers a huge selection of different grips to choose from. Visit the best online golf store, to explore all of your options and find a grip that you can hold on to.

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