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Beginner Set of Golf Clubs

Beginner Set of Golf Clubs

If you’re new to golf, you may not know how to build your first set of clubs. Should you buy a full set or should you pick and choose your clubs individually? Some online golf stores offer low price golf sets that may be right for you, but without additional guidance how do you know if these sets are right for you? At Miami Golf, we’re here to help teach you what clubs you need and the best way to get them.


Traditionally, a golf set is made up of 14 clubs. These include:

  • 1 Driver – A driver is a type of wood (wood 1) and is the least lofted club, meaning that the angle of the club is less than your other clubs. As the name suggests, the driver is used to drive the ball. This club is your go-to when you want to hit your ball far across the green.
  • 2 Fairway Woods – Fairway woods are another type of wood club. It’s also used to hit your ball across the green. The difference between a fairway wood and a driver is that a fairway wood has been designed for use without a tee.
  • 7 Irons – Iron clubs are flat, metal clubs that are used for hitting higher, shorter shots. These are also the most numerous clubs in most golf bags; although, with the development of hybrids and improvement to other irons, some of the longer irons may not be as useful as they once were. 
  • 1 Hybrid – Hybrid clubs combine features of both irons and woods. They’re built with a center of gravity that’s lower and further back to make them more forgiving than irons or woods. Hybrid clubs can be used as a replacement for a wood or an iron with its driving power and finesse.    
  • 2 Wedges – Wedges are specialty irons that have a higher loft for powerful, quick shots. They’re useful when you’re approaching a sand trap, bunker, or other situation when you need to make short shot. There are several types of wedges, and most golfers carry a pitching wedge and a sand wedge.
  • 1 Putter – The putter is the most used club in your bag because it’s purpose is to get the ball into the hole. Many golfers pick a putter and commit to it while other golfers carry several different putters in their bag.


When you’re building your first golf set, you may want to visit an online golf store and buy a prepared set.

This is an affordable option when you’re starting out, but it can also be seen as a short-term investment because, as your skills develop, you may want to upgrade your set. If you decide to buy one club at a time, you can find a wide variety of online golf stores to supply you with what you need. Keep in mind that the most important pieces in a beginner set are a solid driver, a reliable putter, and an iron set. If you’re trying to build your set over time, start with these clubs and go from there. For more advice and to feel the different types of clubs for yourself, stop by Miami Golf. Our experts can help you find the right clubs so you can get on the green and play.

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