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Come in for a personal golf swing analysis, to help improve your game! State of the Art technology Our full featured club fitting analysis shows you how to better your game in a technical way. We capture your swing's specs on to our computer in seconds and compare it to those of the professionals using a dramatic side-by-side comparison. We will instantly isolate, analyze and compare elements of your swing to pinpoint what changes you need to make to be successful on the field. Top professionals, leading golf schools, and academies use this technique and we will offer it to you!       


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Miami Golf Tips Of The Month / Consejos Del Mes

Miami Golf Tips Of The Month / Consejos Del Mes

Practice From Bad Lies

Most golf players have to frequently hit from bad lies in almost every golf round: high roughs, lies with close to no grass, balls at a different level than their feet, hard or soft bunkers… These situations make each hit a very particular experience. Many amateurs refer to these situations as bad luck; nevertheless, have they really prepared for them? Most amateur players practice on the driving range or the chipping green from ideal positions and in perfect conditions. Are all our strokes as such on the course? The answer is no, which is why today we advise our followers to practice from uncomfortable lies. To achieve this goal, try hitting balls on the range from divots, difficult inclines in which the ball is not in an optimal position, and most important of all, practice around the Green, making sure the ball is a bit compromised and hard to hit.   

Try this technique when training and your score will certainly improve; even more so on rounds in which we do not always land on the fairway.



MIAMI GOLF makes it their purpose to recommend our clients acquiring a set of Golf Clubs that matches every PLAYER’s profile.

This is why we take the selection of products and brands very seriously at the moment of putting together a GOLF SET for our clients.  

We are able to determine the right SHAFT for every SWING speed, age, and size of each client by analyzing his/her golf SWING using the latest generation TRACKMAN system.

This week, MIAMI GOLF references two GOLF CLUB brands that have shined in 2017 thanks to their DRIVERS. The first one is TAYLORMADE, with an improved version of the DRIVER M2 that has become one of the first options for GOLF PLAYERS buying DRIVERS. Every week we observe how more and more players add this new 2017 TAYLORMADE model to their GOLF BAGS.

Likewise, CALLAWAY has done a great job this year by launching their new DRIVER GBB EPIC, which has significantly elevated the company’s sales in the first half of the year.

On a less than positive note, TIGER WOODS, former number one golf player and fourteenth-time Major champion, was arrested last week by the Jupiter, Florida police, on DUI charges. MIAMI GOLF expresses its solidarity with TIGER WOODS and wishes him a soon recovery from his physical and personal problems. We miss TIGER on the course and we hope to see him back soon hitting long DRIVERS and competing in PGA Tour events.



Practicar Desde Posiciones Incómodas

Para la gran mayoría de los golfistas es muy común tener que pegar tiros durante todas las rondas de golf desde posiciones incómodas, rough alto, lies con poca grama, bolas por encima o debajo del nivel de los pies, bunkers muy suaves o duros, lo cual hace de cada tiro una experiencia distinta y particular. Hemos notado a muchos amateurs mencionar la mala suerte que tienen al encontrarse con estas situaciones; sin embargo, ¿estamos realmente preparados para afrontarlas? La mayoría de los jugadores amateurs suelen practicar en el driving range o chipping Green desde posiciones ideales y en condiciones perfectas, pero, ¿son realmente todos nuestros tiros así en el campo? La respuesta es no, por lo que en esta edición aconsejamos a nuestros seguidores a practicar desde lies incómodos. Para ello, es bueno pegar pelotas en el range desde algunos divots, desde posiciones con inclinaciones en donde la pelota no siempre se encuentre en una perfecta posición y, sobre todo, alrededor del Green, tratar que en nuestras prácticas la pelota siempre se encuentre un poco comprometida y complicada de pegar.

Prueben esta técnica en sus entrenamientos y verán como mejoran sus resultados; sobre todo en esa ronda que no estamos por el fairway en todo momento.

Palos de Golf

Para MIAMI GOLF, es fundamental recomendar a nuestros clientes adquirir unos PALOS DE GOLF que se ajusten al perfil de cada JUGADOR; es por ello que tomamos con mucha seriedad la selección de productos y marcas a la hora de armar un SET DE GOLF para nuestros clientes.

Con un análisis especializado del SWING de cada JUGADOR DE GOLF, para el cual utilizamos un TRACKMAN system de última generación, podemos determinar el SHAFT correcto para cada velocidad de SWING, edad y tamaño particular de cada cliente.

Esta semana MIAMI GOLF hace mención especial a dos marcas de PALOS DE GOLF que han destacado en 2017 por el desempeño de sus DRIVERS. La primera es TAYLORMADE, que con la versión mejorada del DRIVER M2 ha logrado afianzarse como una de las primeras opciones cuando un JUGADOR DE GOLF decide cual DRIVER va a comprar. Todas las semanas vemos en el PGA TOUR como más y más jugadores agregan a su MALETA DE GOLF este nuevo modelo 2017 de TAYLORMADE.

Por su parte, CALLAWAY ha hecho un gran trabajo este año con el lanzamiento de su nuevo DRIVER GBB EPIC, el cual ha elevado las ventas de la compañía en un porcentaje importante durante los primeros seis meses del año.

En una nota negativa, no podemos dejar de mencionar lo sucedido la semana pasada con el golfista TIGER WOODS, ex numero uno del mundo y ganador de 14 majors, quien fue detenido por la policía de Jupiter, Florida, mientras manejaba su vehículo bajo influencia de sustancias prohibidas. MIAMI GOLF se solidariza con TIGER WOODS y le desea una pronta recuperación a sus problemas físicos y personales. TIGER hace mucha falta en los CAMPOS DE GOLF y esperamos verlo pronto de regreso pegando largos DRIVERS y compitiendo en eventos del PGA TOUR.


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How To Find A Golf Instructor

How To Find A Golf Instructor

Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned player looking for some tips or trying to overcome a handicap, hiring a golf instructor can be great for your game. But how do you find a reliable teacher to get you on the right track? That really depends on your goals and personality. Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect instructor for you.


Personality Matters

When you’re looking for a golf instructor, you need to take their personality into account. There are some people who you meet and instantly develop a rapport, but there are others who rub you the wrong way. When you’re starting a teacher/student relationship, it’s important that there’s a mutual respect and that this person is someone you can take advice and orders from without feeling attacked. You may need to meet with more than one instructor to find someone who you connect with, but once you do, you can effectively communicate with each other and really improve your game.  


The Right Experience

Another thing to consider when finding a golf instructor is the experience and qualifications they have. After all, there aren’t any requirements needed to teach golf, so you have to make sure the person you’re learning from knows what they’re talking about. A good golf coach is always learning new things and seeking new accreditations, like getting a PGTTA certificate from the PGA. You may also want to find someone local who has experience dealing with your climate.

For example, when you’re a Miami golf enthusiast, you may want to find someone who is used to playing in hotter temperatures, not someone from up North who thinks 75 degrees is warm.  


Ask Around

Referrals are probably the easiest way to find a coach in your area. If you don’t know anyone who uses an instructor, you can visit Miami golf courses and ask at the clubhouse. Most courses either have a pro they employ or can recommend someone who frequents their club.


Keep Searching

Finding a reliable golf instructor isn’t always easy, but don’t feel bad if you go through three or four coaches before you find someone you can work with. The worst thing you can do is settle for an instructor you don’t feel comfortable with or someone who isn’t invested in helping you learn and grow.


When it comes to finding a golf instructor, there are many things to consider. How well do you get along? Is this someone you can trust to help you improve? Are you comfortable with their teaching style?

Do they have enough Miami golf experience to know the best times to play in our climate?

Once you find someone who fits your criteria, go out and play. Not only will your game get better, you’ll also develop the confidence you need to stare down any opponent on the green.

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First time on the course? Here’s what to expect

First time on the course? Here’s what to expect

If you’re new to golfing, heading to a full course may seem intimidating, but if you’re serious about golfing it’s important to get out there and see what it’s like. So grab your clubs and let’s explore a golf course!


Lay Of The Land

Golf courses follow a standard and each hole is set up with certain specific elements. These include the teeing ground where you initially hit your ball, a fairway – the area between the tee and the green, the rough and other hazards that you should try to avoid including sand traps and water hazards, and the green with a flagstick and cup where you end your hole. Of course, while all holes have these elements they are arranged in different ways and various lengths over the 18-hole course to make the game challenging and fun.


Many courses also include a driving or practice range with bunkers, greens, and driving areas. This section is separate from the course itself and is a great place to warm up and get to know your clubs.


Keep It Under Par

When you come up to your first hole, you’ll notice a sign with the hole number and name and the word par with a number. That number is there to tell you how many strokes the hole will take, also known as par. This doesn’t account for any handicaps, which can be factored in later. By setting a par for each hole, your golf course is providing you with a standard to play to. Of course, it’s more fun to get a hole in one, but you can challenge yourself to get below par as you play your game.    


Join The Club

Another benefit of going to a golf course is the clubhouse. Even many smaller courses include a clubhouse where you can find refreshments, dining options, and a place to relax after a long game. Many clubhouses include their own golf store or pro shop. It’s generally included for the convenience of the golfers so that you won’t have to stop at a golf store on your way to the course if you forgot your hat or need extra balls. It’s important to note that dress codes can vary by location, so it’s a good idea to check with your clubhouse you go.


Cart or Not?

When you’re on a big course, you may want to hire a golf cart for the day. If it’s a smaller course or a nice day, you may want to walk. Either way, the choice is yours. If you do decide to use a golf cart, remember there’s a certain etiquette to follow that includes staying behind golfers, avoiding loud noises, avoiding wet turf, and using common sense so everyone can enjoy their game and do their best.


That’s all there is to it – well-planned holes that you can walk or drive to with recommended pars to shoot for, and lovely clubhouses with their own pro shop or golf store where you can stop for equipment and advice. Now that you know what to expect, it’s time to play, so grab your clubs and get out there!  

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