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Come in for a personal golf swing analysis, to help improve your game! State of the Art technology Our full featured club fitting analysis shows you how to better your game in a technical way. We capture your swing's specs on to our computer in seconds and compare it to those of the professionals using a dramatic side-by-side comparison. We will instantly isolate, analyze and compare elements of your swing to pinpoint what changes you need to make to be successful on the field. Top professionals, leading golf schools, and academies use this technique and we will offer it to you!       


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Five Important Items To Keep In Your Golf Bag

Five Important Items To Keep In Your Golf Bag

When you start playing golf, it seems simple enough to visit your local golf shop, grab some clubs and balls and head straight for the green, but any seasoned golfer will tell you there’s a lot more to it than that. Without the proper equipment in your bag, you can spend a long day suffering on the course instead of enjoying your game, especially if you’re playing in sunny South Florida. Here are five things to keep in your bag that can help you stay comfortable when you’re practicing your swing.

  1. A Clean Towel

Although golf is thought of as an upscale sport, the truth is, when you’re on the green you’re going to get dirty. Always keep a clean towel on hand to clean your clubs and balls after you clear a hole. And if you’re a Miami golf enthusiast, you might want to keep a second towel handy for personal use.

  1. Water

When you’re on the green, water is generally something you want to avoid, especially if your ball lands in a lake, but when you’re preparing for your game, a bottle of water is vital. Any Miami golf pro will tell you that, under the blazing sun of our beautiful city, staying hydrated isn’t an option – it’s a necessity.

  1. Sunscreen

Being prepared for a game of golf also means thinking about the elements, especially if you’re a Miami golfer. With unpredictable temperatures, clouds that move in and out, and the ever-present threat of heat exhaustion, the sun is one factor you don’t want to forget. Pack your favorite sunscreen in your bag, and remember to apply it often to avoid getting sunburn while you play.

  1. Extra Gloves

When you’re playing golf, your equipment is as important as your game. If you’re playing with a sweaty glove, which happens frequently if you’re a Miami golf enthusiast, or if you find that your glove has a hole in it, it can really throw off your grip. Pack a few extra gloves and you’ll always have a dry pair as backup.

  1. Cash

Other than being a good idea to always keep some money on hand for emergencies, having cash on the course can actually help with your game. For example, a coin makes an excellent marker when you need to move your ball so another player can take their shot. Many courses also have vending machines along the property so you can enjoy a snack or beverage as you play.

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The Top Five Gifts For The Golfer In Your Life

The Top Five Gifts For The Golfer In Your Life

 The holidays are fast approaching, and if you have a golfer in your life, finding the perfect gift can be a challenge. Sure, you can find online stores that offer all sorts of gadgets and gizmos, but how do you know if these gifts will be useful to your loved one? Instead of searching for a gift that might not hit the mark, here are a few items we know any golfer would be proud to receive.  

Performance Tracking System

There are several golf performance tracking systems available to help your golfer uncover their strengths and weaknesses so they can improve their game. The most popular is the Arccos 360.

Available at many online stores, it’s fully automatic, and provides real-time GPS and shot-tracking system.    

Putting Mat

When the weather is uncooperative, or your golfer is just too busy to hit the green, an indoor putting mat is a great option. Available in a variety of lengths and prices, most golfers would love to have their own putting mat to help practice their swing and add more finesse to their short game.

Golf Watch

If your golfer is more traditional, instead of finding an app or performance tracking system at many online stores, you may want to consider a golf watch. Equipped with a GPS, stopwatch meter, and odometer, these devices provide accurate yardage information and can come in handy when facing a blind shot. They’re also extremely convenient – just put it on your wrist and start planning.  

Head Covers

When golfing, it’s common for clubs to shift in their bag and jostle around, which can cause damage to the clubs. That’s where head covers come in. They provide protection for the heads and shafts of the clubs, and with an array of designs, can show off any personality on the golf course. You can find them in shops like Miami Golf, and they are also readily available at online stores around the world. So if you know your golfer is a serious player, you can find a sleek and practical set for them, but if they’re a bit of a character, you can also find a hilarious set that matches them to a tee.  


When you think about golf gifts, sunglasses might not make your list, but for any avid golfer, they’re vital.

Online stores can offer a wide range of options, but for the perfect pair, take your golfer shopping with you so they can see what fits them best.

It may not be a surprise gift, but it’s one they will use again and again.

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Get A Golf Shop Fitting

Get A Golf Shop Fitting

Whether you’re a new golf player or a seasoned pro, finding the right fit for your golf clubs can completely change your game. If your clubs are too long, too short, or too heavy, it can throw off your swing and make it harder to play. After all, your clubs are your tools, and without the proper tools how can you expect to get the results you’re looking for?

Visit The Miami Golf Shop    

The best way to be sure that your golf clubs fit properly is to get a professional club fitting. At Miami Golf, our club fitters are trained to find you a set of clubs that are the right weight and length, and have the proper grip size and shaft length. We’ll work with you to get a custom-fit set of clubs so that you can improve your swing and really enjoy the game. We’ll start by analyzing your swing, measuring your height and checking your grip size. Then, we’ll select a few clubs to see which is best for you. After that, the game is in your hands.

Resize Your Old Clubs At The Golf Store

If you already have a set of golf clubs, bring them into our golf store and we can determine if they’re the right fit for you. If not, we can adjust them by changing the grip thickness to fit your hand size, altering the shaft length based on your wrist-to-floor measurement, changing the shaft weight for better balance, or fixing the shaft flex for a more powerful swing. We can also look at the lie angle of your club so that the head of the club always hits the ball evenly. And if your golf clubs are old and in disrepair, we can also recommend another set of clubs that will work better for you. 

Getting a custom-fit set of golf clubs isn’t just for professionals. Even amateur players need to have a solid set of tools to get started on the right foot. At Miami Golf, we’re here for you. We want to help you bring your golf game up to par, and the first step towards that is finding the perfect fitting clubs. With our step-by-step process, we can determine the right length, weight, and grip size for your clubs so that you’re comfortable and relaxed on the green. After that, the game is in your hands.

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